Garvi Gujarat Festival

Gujarat is known the world over for its rich and dynamic tradition of classical and folk music. They are the heart and soul of Gujarat. The brilliant blend of varied forms of arts and culture is what makes living here a stirring, soul enriching experience.

January 2015, VadFest will celebrate this vibrant heritage of our state with the Garvi Gujarat Festival. Experience four special days of Gujarat’s best folk musicians and singers in full flow. This rare coming together of multiple folk styles and artists from across the state at one place is a once in a lifetime opportunity never to be missed.

As a tribute to Vadodara’s beloved patron of arts and music, Maharaja Sayajirao Gakewad, the last day of the Garvi Gujarat Festival will have breathtaking performances by artists exclusively from the city.

Date  Category  Event 
16-Jan Sugam-Sangeet Purshottam Upadhyay
Kalyani Kawthalkar
Bhaumik Trivedi
Anal Vasavada & Orchestra
Gujju Rocks
17-Jan Lok-Nritya Dang Tribal Group
Kutchi Raas
Saurashtra Garba
Lok-Dayro Shahbuddin Rathod
Abhesinh Rathod
Farida Mir & Suraj Mir
with Chand Mir
Sairam Dave
Arvind Barot & Orchestra
18-Jan Shaam-e-Mushayara Wasim Barelvi
Rahat Indori
Khalil Dhantejvi
Rajendra Shukla
Shobhit Desai & Group
19-Jan Vadodara Day

All events will be held at
Navlakhi Ground, Opp. Narmada Bhavan
from 6:30 pm to 10 pm everyday.