The people of Vadodara are enthusiasts of gastronomic delights. Whatever might be your culinary inclination, you will definitely find something to please your taste buds. From roadside thelas to fast food restaurants and fine dining outlets, you can relish a scrumptious range of local Gujarati, Indian, continental as well as oriental fare. With ample options for both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes, eating out in Vadodara is reason enough for a trip to the city.

When visiting Vadodara, it is almost a sin to miss out on the local farsans (Gujarati snacks). Try dhoklas, theplas, dal vadas, shrikhand and nankhatai available at all local bakeries and sweet shops. For a real Gujarati Thali experience head to Mandap at Hotel Express. A gourmet’s delight, Mandap is famous for its homespun and authentic Gujarati cuisines.

If you love spice, head to Mahakali Sev Usal joint near Polo Ground for a true mouthwatering experience. And, while you are there, do drive down to Manmohan’s for the famous samosas and bhajiyas that even Sachin Tendulkar couldn’t resist. Another, street food favorite among the locals is Pyarelal’s bhel kachori. Further from Pyarelal’s kachori joint, towards Mandvi, is Lalakaka’s bhajiya outlet. Egg lovers haunt Raju’s Omelet Centre that has franchisees across the city. After feasting on spicy and hot fares, help yourself to Vadodara’s world-famous Duliram’s peda. These delicacies have long been satiating the cravings of the people of Vadodara and beyond. For savouries to relish or take back home, head on to Jagdish Farsans for Bhakharwadis and Solapuri Chevdo.