Around Vadodara 2015

Have you finished visiting all the interesting places in Vadodara? Dont be disheartened, the city is a famous gateway to exciting excursions such as Champaner, Dabhoi, Nareshwar, Sankheda, Sindhrot Nature Park, Shoolpaneshwar Wildlife Sanctuary, etc. You can embark on short one-day trips from the city to enjoy sight-seeing, trekking and adventure filled picnics.


This world heritage site located just 45 kms from Vadodara, is a must see for all tourists visiting the city. Champaner houses several 15th and 16th century mosques built by Muslim conquerors. It also houses the Jami Masjid - one of the grandest, with richly ornamented pillars and minarets - a perfect blend of Gujarati style of architecture and traditional Islamic styles. The domed granary building of Makai Kota, the Patai Rawal Palace and the Lakulisha Temple are all that remain of the Hindu legacy of Champaner. Do visit the Nagina Masjid, also known as the Jewel Mosque as it is built of pure white stone. The ruins of its mosques and palaces reflected in the lake are some of the most picturesque sights in this city


Pavagadh is a neighbouring fort a mere 4 km away from Vadodara. The fortress dominates the region from its vantage point on the 2700 ft. hill enclosed by ruined fortifications and topped by Hindu temples. Access to the fortress is past three stages, first comes the ruins of the actual fortifications, then the middle fort before finally ascending to the top with its Hindu and Jain temples.

Ajwa Lake

The Ajwa Lake situated 22 km away from the city is one of the most popular picnic spots for the people of Vadodara as well as visitors. The lake was built by Maharaja Sayajirao to meet the citys drinking water requirements. It covers 22,400 acres and is 100 ft. deep. The lake has been the source of water for Vadodara for the past 157 years. It is surrounded by a garden called the Vrundavan Garden after the famous Vrundavan Garden of Mysore. The water show at the garden is a spectacular sight.

Jambughoda Wildlife Sanctuary

Jambughoda Wildlife Sanctuary is approximately 70 kms away from Vadodara. Not only a wildlife sanctuary and a picnic spot; it is also an excellent camping site. Located close to the Kada Reservoir it is home to a number of animals including leopards, jackals, hyenas, wilder beasts, sloth bears, etc.

Sevasi Vav

On the way to Sindhrot, in the ravines of Mahi river, is this 500 year old step-well (vav). It is considered as the oldest and most beautiful step-wells of Sultan Mehmud Begadas time in 16th century. Sevasi Vav was built to commemorate a spiritual leader, Vidyadhar, who died early and was revered in Sevasi village. The brick and stone vav is in east-west direction and goes seven storeys below ground level. The second storey has leaf patterns and magnificent sculptures. Some of the walls have scriptures on festivals celebrated by communities of that era. A stone masonry at the entrance has a name inscribed in Devnagri script. The gate has two tigers carved on the left and two elephants on the right.

Dabhoi Fort

Located 29 kms from Vadodara, the fort is considered to be an unsurpassed example of Hindu Gujarati architecture. Built by the King of Patan in the 13th century, the fort has four gates and within it is an octagonal-shaped tank with stone steps.