VadFest 2015 will have you spellbound by one of the largest collections of arts by seven contemporary and iconic artists from the city. Their works have played a vital role in making Vadodara a significant center of Indian art scene. Most of the works would be available for sale. The display would be curated by Prof. Vijay Bagodi.
K. G. Subramanyan, N S Bendre, Jyoti Bhatt, Jeram Patel, Sankho Chaudhuri, Bhupen Khakkar and Mahendra Pandya

Illustrious faculties, both past and present, of Fine Arts, Vadodara, will unveil some of their best and rare paintings, sculptures and print masterpieces during VadFest 2015 at the historic old Fine Arts Building. Curating the show will be Prof. Jayanti Rabadiya assisted by Mr. Mukesh Parmar.
Nasreen Mohamedi, Jyotsna Bhatt, V R Patel, Rini Dhumal, P D Dhumal, Raghav Kaneria, Vasudevan Akkitham, Indrapramit Roy, Sashidharan Nair, B V Suresh and many more

A rare art collection by some of the best Indian artists will be put on display to enchant art lovers from the city and across the globe. The show will be curated by Mr. Sashidharan Nair.
Natraj Sharma, Hema Upadhyay, Chintan Upadhyay, Surendran Nair, Gigi Scaria, Arunkumar HG, Jagannath Panda, GR Iranna, Ravinder Reddy, NS Harsha, TV Santhosh, Atul Dodiya, Krishnamchari Bose, Riyaz Komu, LN Tallur, Sudarshan Shetty, Baiju Parthan, Mithu Sen, Rekha Rodwittya and Sheeba Chhachhi

Upcoming artists from the city will display their awe-inspiring work created around the concept of “Vadodara”. The show will be curated by Mr. Rahul Mukherjee and assisting him will be Mr. Ajay Lakhera.
Abir Karmakar, Ajay Lakhera, Alok Bal, Arunanshu Chowdhury, Ashutosh Bharadwaj, Balaji Ponna, Chirag Patel, Debashish Dutta, Deepak Rasaily, Ganesh Gohain, Harendranath Mahato, Heeral Trivedi, Hindol Brahmbhatt, Jagannath Mohapatra, K K Muhammad, K P Reji, Kim Kyongae, Loknath Sinha, Maneesha Doshi, P S Rajesh, Poushali Das, Rahul Mukherjee, Rai David, Raju Patel, Sajal Sarkar, Shiv Verma, Siddharth Karawal, T Venkanna, Uday Mondal and Vinod Daroz

Going down the memory lane, famous alumni from the Fine Arts Faculty will open up their artistic treasures to the world. The Heads of Departments for paintings, sculpture and graphics will be curating the show.

VadFest 2015 will showcase a unique celebration of art, music, food, entertainment and lively street performances all at one place.

VadFest 2015 brings iconic sculptors, performance artists and celebrity artists to enlighten the city by sharing their views and talking about their works.
Gavin Turk
Donald Woodman

Travel back in time to explore the rich history of Vadodara in its true vintage and royal glory. The show will be curated by Mr. Naishadh Jani.
Nandlal Bose Mural, works of Raja Ravi Verma, and others
Old Photographs & Prints of Vadodara
Light Show Explaining explaining Temple Architecture

A show of Paper Works by almost 80 artists from Vadodara. Mr. Alok Bal will be curating the show.