05 June 2023 Pantul Kothari

Sustainability is a significant factor in corporate success. A sustainable business model creates business value, meets investor demand, improves brand reputation and leverages new opportunities for the brand.

Today, Green Advocacy is a practice widely used by companies and is a tool that is used to communicate the company’s commitment to producing goods and services that are environment-friendly and is used to raise awareness about pressing environmental concerns.

However, captivating slogans, emphasis on numbers and percentages and recycled packaging that unravel a sea of green proclamations are just the tip of the iceberg. Companies need to go beyond, otherwise they might inadvertently fall into the trap of Greenwashing. Very often, marketing and communication strategy that is presented as an eco-sustainable initiative turns a blind eye to the fact that the brand has not adopted any sustainability policy.

To avoid the greenwashing label, and do greater justice to their sustainability commitments, brands need to truly commit themselves to protect the environment, truthfully communicate what they are doing to create a real impact and substantiate their claims with concrete evidence and quantifiable data rather than relying solely on slogans.

Good Sustainability Communication needs to go beyond marketing and be better ingrained in the business culture. Great care needs to be taken to authentically disclose a company's sustainable aims and ambitions that will help foster trust, build credibility, strengthen customer relationships and create a social impact. An effective communication strategy supports a company to communicate and inform its consumers about its practices and processes. Digital media, including social media and corporate website, help the company to spread its message on a wide scale and testify its commitment to the environment through photos and videos.

Some pointers to developing a Sustainability Communication, centered around integrity:

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