10 July 2023 Pantul Kothari

A quick question: Can you make an age-old story fascinating, even though it's been told a million times? If yes, how?

It’s simple! Give a fresh, modern twist to a familiar story and capture your audience’s attention!

In fact, in the marketing universe, many brands have been successfully doing this - delivering new narratives that forge deep connections and foster memorable experiences.

Ever wondered what’s their secret? How do these brands adapt to their ever-changing audience and skillfully sell the same products they have offered for years? The answer is just as simple - they anticipate shifts in preferences and carefully re-evaluate their marketing strategies. By infusing inspiration, drama, emotion, and a feel-good experience into their campaigns, they leave a lasting imprint on the hearts and minds of their consumers.

A compelling case in point of this strategy is Coca-Cola's Share a Coke Campaign, designed to celebrate the essence of human connections. In this campaign, Coca-Cola bottles and cans underwent a complete makeover, wherein their iconic logo was replaced with endearing terms such as Papa, Didi and Bhai. This captivating campaign was unveiled across India, in 11 different languages. A pivotal aspect of the campaign was its television spot, featuring a narrative that revolved around two young men supporting one another during their tough times. Their friendship was highlighted through the symbolism of the special bottle of Share a Coke, with the term Bhai. The underlying message conveyed by this campaign was the profound significance of genuine friendships, akin to familial bonds. By taking the culture of various relations that we as Indians share with our friends & family, the Share a Coke initiative succeeded in evoking strong resonance and forging an emotional connection with the target audience.

In other words, to remain relevant, brands are now focusing on gathering a deeper understanding of their audience and pivoting from quantity to quality. They are partnering with influential figures to tell their stories compellingly,

as portrayed in the marketing strategy of the Tech giant Apple. As a part of its Shot on iPhone campaign, Apple released a film titled Fursat, directed by Vishal Bhardwaj and that was captured entirely on their latest iPhone 14 Pro. This 30-minute, multi-genre musical revolved around a man consumed by his desire to control the future, ultimately causing him to miss out on the precious moments of his present. The short film was promoted through outdoor advertising and streamed on Disney+ Hotstar. Apple cleverly employed print ads that encourage readers to scan a QR code, redirecting them to the short film.

What do these examples of brands tell us exactly? They talk about how being relevant is not only about storytelling, it is about leveraging the narrative through the right mediums to the right target audience. They reinforce their relevance by staying attuned to their evolving audience and employing innovative methods to keep them engaged. Rather than doing different things, they are willing to do things differently.

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