The Argan oil in the L'action Hair Oil is an instant cure for dry and lifeless hair – minus the oily side effect. With the richness of antioxidants and essential fatty acids, it can be effectively used on your hair directly. When you apply the non-sticky oil directly onto your scalp, it penetrates through the pores of your hair and nourishes your hair. Regular use of the L'action Hair Oil will give great results in making damaged hair soft, shiny, and hydrated.



The hair oil cream base is a unique concept providing a choice to the end users to use oil form or cream form to take care of their hair. It is an exactly same formula like hair oil and provides multiple benefits like elimating frizz, adding definition and shine with a soft hold. The L'action hair cream creates the right texture necessary for styling, every time.



The L'action Shampoo offers the ultimate in haircare, providing maximum benefits with the most effective oils for hair and scalp health. This synergy offers valuable therapeutic effects and is the perfect choice for those with general scalp types looking to enhance their hair and scalp health.