For centuries, generations of women have used an ingredient that has given them a natural, chemical-free way to achieve luscious hair.

Found in a plant amidst the deserts of Morocco and referred to as "liquid gold," this ingredient is Argan oil.

Now one product delivers this centuries old secret in your hands.

The L'Action range of hair products deliver the Miracle of Argan oil straight to the roots of your hair. Every product contains the unbelievable richness of this natural nutty oil and delivers all the nourishment and protection that your hair need.


L'action is the new age miracle oil that is not oily. Unlike other oils that leave your hair feeling sticky, L'action provides instant shine, smoothness and frizz control without the oily touch. Its deep penetration formula absorbs into the hair making them beautiful from within.

L'action oil repairs, rejuvenates and moisturizes from inside the hair shaft.

The keratin of hair gets nourished wonderfully when argan oil penetrates the hair shafts and follicles. It helps seal the hair cuticle to protect against damage caused by chemicals as well as excessive heat from styling and environmental abuses.


UV radiation can lead to hair weathering in long term. The special Octyl Methoxy Cinnamte ingredient in our range provides protection against UV B rays, helping maintain the attractive appearance of hair.


The strength of L'action is one that is deeply rooted in nature and science. It captures the best of the natural ingredients of Argan and incorporates the best scientifically safe ingredients to deliver the most natural results.

Another important factor that makes the L'action range highly nutritious and effective for the hair is its anti-oxidative properties. The oil is packed with anti-oxidants and fatty acids such as the

omega-6 fatty acid and linoleic acid, the oil moisturizes the hair wonderfully. It fights free radicals, which prevent hair from being damaged by UV rays and airborne pollutants. This means that hair keeps its healthy luster despite the uncontrollable elements.


Our weightless blend with Argan oil and Almond oil along with protective ingredients will help wrap a fragrant layer of protection around each strand. Ensuring that your hair is ready for the wear and tear of daily styling.


According to a study published in 2007 by the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology, sweet almond oil was found to reduce damage caused by UV radiation and act as a preventative measure for exposure. This makes sweet almond oil a great moisturizer for most Hair types.

The trocopherol from the vitamin E boosts the cell production and regeneration beautifully. Thus, tropical application of the oil improves the texture of human hair, allowing people to grow thick, long, strong hair.

Almond oil has several important nutrients including polyunsaturated and mono fatty acids as well as vitamins E, D, B1, B2, B6 and A. These are all helpful nutrients that allow you to grow strong, healthy hair strands. The high vitamin E content in almond oil is particularly helpful for conditioning the hair.


The specially formulated cyclopentasiloxane ingredient has the unique ability to impart a wet and silky look, making it an ideal candidate for leave-on ones. Our hair conditioners range employs this special component to provide a silky feel without weighing the hair down with greasy residue. In fact, as a volatile silicone it quickly evaporates into the air after delivering nutrients to the hair – leaving the hair looking shiny without the oily feel.