24 August 2023

On an average, a person spends 90,000 hours at work, which is equivalent to almost one-third of their lives. ‘Work’ can shape days positively and ‘routine’ can plant the seeds of purpose, belonging and contribution if the workplace fosters an environment of trust. The result: Working hours can be nurturing and rewarding. But, is there an exact roadmap? A set guideline or a handbook that navigates a workplace to its ultimate goal?

Stimulating and exemplary workplaces are built through the day-to-day relationships that employees experience and not through a list of policies or guidelines. Employees believe they work for superlative organisations when they trust their employers, take pride in their work and enjoy the company of their colleagues.

Open communication creates trust and prevents misunderstandings. Therefore, managers who are clear and informative in their communication invite two-way dialogue and create a fulfilling work atmosphere. Displaying management competence, involves the aptitude to coordinate people and resources which is crucial to winning the employees’ trust. Employees who feel management is competent are more willing to trust their decisions and follow them in times of uncertainty. Management's integrity depends on honest and reliable daily actions. Employees who are certain that their management runs the business ethically stay loyal and are more productive.

A positivity infused workplace cares and supports its employees while challenging them to grow with the company. So, appreciating professional achievements contributes to the individual professional development of employees. A collaborative and respectful relationship between employees and management nourishes a trustworthy work environment that values employee ideas and suggestions.

Employees who are less likely to encounter politics, biases and favouritism in a company practice fairness. An environment that supports fair treatment of all employees allows them to make great contributions. Happy employees who take pride in the work produced by their teams build a loyal and long-lasting workforce. They take pride in their association with the organisation because of its industry reputation, client-centric approach and commitment to the communities it serves.

Fostering a hospitable environment and reinforcing a sense of community in the workplace promotes positive relationships, cooperation and job satisfaction among employees. Teamwork, cooperation and commitment are the by-products of a healthy camaraderie that influences their productivity, profitability and employee morale.

A forward-thinking workplace makes employees of all experience levels, backgrounds and beliefs extremely comfortable. They understand the value of a diverse team and make efforts to attract a diverse workforce that produces exciting ideas and creative solutions. An amalgamation of all these qualities can set a benchmark for an extremely enabling and supportive work environment.

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